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Construction and Remodel

Home Remodel | Construction


Metrofolia construction performs high quality workmanship on everything from large renovations to slight modifications. Our team of professionals are not only skilled in the physical work but also committed to budgets and timelines. Every project is executed with safety as a priority and OSHA laws are regularly reviewed and practiced. 

We proudly offer personalized client service and believe management and communication are the keys to a sucessful project.





  • Remodel

  • Additions

  • Masonry

  • Kitchen and Bath Remodel

  • Home Gym

  • Home Theater

  • Patios & Decks

  • Arbors

  • Painting

  • Windows and Doors

  • Drywall and Stucco

  • Repair Water Damage and Dry Rot

  • Adding Skylights and Skylight Wells

  • Energy Saving Low-Voltage Lighting

  • Wireless Smart Home Technology.

Home Gym

Transform your space into a customized home gym. State of ther art flooring, mirrors, built in cabinetry, proper ventilat water station. 

Metrofolia has a team of experts when it some to designing a home gym.


  • Ventilation Engineering

  • Acoustic Sound Panels

  • Filtered Water System Install

  • Gym Flooring

  • Bluetooth Sound System


Outdoor Home Theater

This project was exciting for us to build and the clients were overjoyed at 2 different aspects. A 60" HD screen in the outdoor room and while not in use we installed it with a motorized built in frame to tuck into the ceiling beams seamlessly. A work of perfection!


  • Customized Housing Unit

  • Smart Home Functional

  • Motorized Monitor

  • Bluetooth Sound System

Residential Remodels

Commited to value and integrity, we offer the finest quality in Bay Area remodeling services. Whether you want an addition or a  remodel or you simply want to redesign a bathroom, Metrofolia can provide professional services to accomodate your design and budget needs. 


  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms

  • Entryways

  • Garages

  • Basements

Kitchen Remodels

  • Custom Island

  • Hidden Refrigerator

  • Custom Storage Wall

  • Kitchen Tool Cabinet

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