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Metrofolia Team

Metrofolia Team

Skilled craftsman. Excel in their field. Long-standing. Dedicated.


Each of these can be said of the people working on Metrofolia's crew. These traits, as well as specific roles and responsibilities, are what create a fabulous creation and experience for our clients. The Supervisor's responsibility is overall job site management: prepping the site setup, managing materials, and arranging interactions between all of the sub-contractors. Foremen specialize in specific technical aspects of the project - the detail experts in masonry, horticulture, irrigation design, etc.


The Installation Technicians are highly skilled workers making the plans become a reality. All of the supervisors and foremen have been with the company for over 12 years and each of the installation technicians has at least 5 years of service with Metrofolia. The synergy and teamwork which come from a crew like this are unmatched and will show in the quality of your landscape project.

Andrew and Gabriela Frost

Andrew Frost started operating machinery before he could drive a car. His experience is apparent in his work, and his expertise combined with his passion for his trade makes him the best in his field. 

Andrew has been the owner and operator of A1 Stump Tree Service located in San Jose for the past 17 years.  He was a subcontractor for the former Metrofolia owners for many years and is familiar with their business practices and clientele. It made sense for him to invest in expanding his business by taking over Metrofolia and continuing their great work. 

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